as seen on TVWe’ve had a tremendous response to the BBC documentary. It seems that lots of people watched the programme and it really struck a chord. The chatter on Facebook has gone sky-high, email is red-hot and the phone is constantly ringing. And it has all been very positive.

Current members enjoyed seeing Slimtone “on the box”, spotting who they know and sharing their personal success stories with friends and family. Past members from all over the country have been in touch (and I can tell you, a LOT of people have been a part of Slimtone over the last 35 years!) – it is so good to hear how many of them continue to follow the Lifestyle Plan and a few have even been inspired to pick up their Lifestyle Plan again.

There have been lots of new faces at classes too, both locally AND online. It’s lovely to meet new people and to introduce them to a healthy eating plan with ‘real’ food. But most of all it’s great to widen our Slimtone family  and welcome everyone into our Slimtone community. That’s what the programme was all about – we are all part of a community and we all help and support each other.

If you would like to see the programme, it’s available on BBC iPlayer until the end of the month –

And if you’d like to find out more about the Slimtone Lifestyle Plan, come along to a class or join us online. Join during April and you’ll get our new 7-day Spring into Summer Menu Plan as a bonus. I look forward to meeting you soon.