Hello everyone, how are you? Who would have thought we’d be having to stay at home for so long. It’s a funny time and I’ve heard from a few people that they’re picking at snacks throughout the day and the pounds are creeping back on.

So this week, we’re all going to work together and help each other.

Lots of the members that have joined the online classes have been reporting that their weight has stayed the same which is excellent. There have also been quite a few who have reported very good weight losses – well done!

If they can do it, so can you! So come on now, let’s get back to basics.

Slimtone Lifestyle Plan

First of all, get out your Lifestyle Plan. Now plan your menu for the week ahead. To make it really easy why not start with Plan 1 on page 70. This is a G.I. Jumpstart Plan – the meals provide slow release energy to satisfy your appetite for a longer period, preventing those dreaded hunger pangs so you won’t be looking for a quick fix snack.

The second thing is to make sure you are drinking enough water. Drinking water is an essential part of your Lifestyle Plan. It really is important that you drink 6-8 glasses of water every day – that’s around 2 litres. Add a slice of lemon, lime, fresh orange or a splash of lemon juice to enhance the flavour, but keep an eye on how much you drink.

Make sure you write down everything you eat in your Food Diary. It’s all too easy to “forget” that little biscuit or square of chocolate. Remember “if you bite it, write it!”

Exercise is important too. With self-isolating and social distancing, it’s not quite so easy to fit in exercise at the moment, but don’t let that be an excuse!! Exercise doesn’t have to be a hard slog. Make it FUN.

There are lots of online classes such as Zumba and Pilates and all sorts of dancing. Find one that suits you. You can also go out for a walk everyday – getting some fresh air always helps and it’s nice to enjoy the sunshine we’ve been having. One of our members, Laura even has her own personal trainer – he has 4 legs and a very waggy tail! 

Finally, a quick reminder about portion sizes. I think you’ll be amazed at how much difference that “quick guess” makes. Keep your kitchen scales easily to hand. Don’t let portion sizes stop you from being fit and fabulous!

So run through the Lifestyle Plan and plan ahead. Drink that water. Do some exercise. Check your portions.  And you’ll really start to see the difference over this coming week.

Let me leave you with another Slimtone saying – “Little Pickers wear Big Knickers!”

Be my “little-knicker-wearing-friend!”
Marie x