I love cheese! There are so many different mouth-watering varieties and it’s difficult to think of a meal where a bit of added cheese wouldn’t make it even tastier!

The good news is that healthy eating doesn’t mean having to give up your favourite cheeses. Cheese contains valuable protein and calcium, and by simply swapping to reduced-fat alternatives, you can still enjoy it as part of your Lifestyle Plan.

Take a look at the calories in your favourites and make sure you choose wisely.

per 28g/1oz Calories
Cheddar / Half Fat (most varieties) 102 / 65
Mozzarella / Half Fat 88/55
Cathedral City / Low fat / Lighter Slices / Lighter Minis 120 /80/62/56
Fromage Frais Full Fat / 0% Fat 35/14
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Original / Light / Extra Light 70/43/30
Cottage Cheese / Low Fat 28/20
Edam / Half Fat 93/71
Stilton Blue/White 116/101
Camembert/Brie 91
Danish Blue and Red Leicester 109
Gorgonzola 109
Caerphilly Cheese 110
Feat / Light 76/54
Parmesan (per tsp) 23
Quark 20
The following are all portion controlled and ideal for packed lunches or snacks. Calories
Babybel / Light (20g) 60/43
Dairylea Triangles Original / Light 54/25
|Leerdammer slices original / light 70/52
Laughing Cow Triangle Original / Lite (28g/1oz) 45/25
Seriously Strong Squares Original / Light (20g) 42/32
Seriously Strong Lighter (125g pot) 280
Philadelphia Extra Light Portions / light Garlic and Herbs 38/55
Lighter Processed Cheese Slices 38

So be choosier with your cheese and watch your portion sizes, but enjoy!