Do you know what? Slimtone is celebrating 20 years since we took our first online order!

The order for a Slimtone Lifestyle Plan was sent out to Germany. One of our Slimtone members had moved to Germany and, as soon as we went online, she placed her order and was delighted that she could keep up with Slimtone news and her Lifestyle Plan.

It’s hard to believe when we do so much online now, but this was the early days of website development – the BBC had only launched their website six months earlier. At the time, Slimtone had been helping people lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle for almost 20 years. Our Slimtone classes were all in the South Wales area, but I was sure that I could help people further afield and this was a tremendous opportunity that we just had to take.

Before the “Big Boys”! 
I launched a website and started selling mail order packs – I think we were the UK’s very first online slimming club, way ahead of the “big boys”! As things developed, we progressed to providing online downloads straight from the website, as well as online slimming classes. Now Slimtone has members all over the world – we recently even sent an order to British Columbia.

Online Classes
Of course, all of this was a huge benefit when coronavirus hit and we went into lockdown. We already had a tried-and-tested programme in place and were able to offer online classes to local members who now couldn’t go to class.

The online classes are a mixture of downloadable information including the Lifestyle Plan and Weekly Menu Planner, regular emails throughout the week to keep everyone motivated, and daily contact in private Facebook groups. And because we weren’t meeting face-to-face, I did short videos full of tips and encouragement as well.

It’s great that we are starting to open up our local classes again and meet members face-to-face, but I know that our online offer was welcomed by lots of our members over a difficult time. It meant that during lockdown lots of Slimtone members held their weight steady, with some achieving good losses too. A great achievement when you consider that, according to a recent study, almost half of the population say they put on weight, with more than 16% gaining five pounds or more in the first six weeks.

We see a steady flow of new members from all over the world and we also have long-standing online members like Sammi from Bolton. Sammi was one of our very first online members – she lost over 10 stone and what’s more has kept it off for all that time. The online plans and classes are continuing to be part of Slimtone’s offer alongside our face-to-face classes. I’m always so pleased to see how our Slimtone community grows and members can share and connect, whether they’re in Bridgend, Birmingham or Bermuda!

An Internet Pioneer!
Who would have thought that a business that started in Pontycymer in 1982 would be an internet pioneer! The website and all our online developments have meant I’ve been able to reach even more people and I plan to continue doing that for a long time to come.

Thank you to all my Slimtone friends,
Marie x