After 35 years successfully running Slimtone, South Wales entrepreneur and healthy eating expert Marie Griffiths is still as committed as ever to helping people lose weight. In June 1982 Marie opened a class in Pontycymer in the Garw Valley. That was the very first Slimtone class.

Here’s what Marie says:
“I’d been trying to lose weight. I’d tried every diet you can imagine, but they were all wrong for me. Then I discovered the secret. It was so simple. The reason I couldn’t lose weight wasn’t down to me at all, it was that the dieting regimes didn’t fit into my lifestyle! That’s when I developed a plan that was flexible and gave people the freedom to choose their own daily selection from an extensive range of varied and enjoyable menus. It was ordinary, everyday food, tasty and family-friendly, and you never felt deprived. And best of all, it worked!

“The business grew steadily and I opened classes across South Wales. It was lovely to be helping so many people.

“And did you know that Slimtone was the UK’s first online slimming club? In 1998, way ahead of the big boys, I launched a website and started selling mail order packs, then later provided online downloads straight from the website. Now Slimtone has members all over the world and we’re active on social media with Facebook and Twitter.

“I work hard to keep the business fresh and up-to-date and spend hours researching the latest trends all over the world. Come to one of our Slimtone classes, online or in person, and you’ll soon find out what’s new, the latest health tips, and up-to-the-minute recipes and ideas.

“I’ve also been one of the key movers in the fight against obesity in Wales and am well known for promoting healthy eating. We’ve developed some powerful partnerships too, including with Sainsbury’s and Champneys. We’ve done over 135 trips to Champneys and it’s been great to see so many members and their friends celebrating their weight loss and enjoying this fabulous experience.

“Slimtone is also very much a part of the local community and we get involved in all sorts of local causes. In fact, we’ve contributed well over £50,000 to a number of local charities.

“So what’s next for me and Slimtone? Well, I love what I do. It’s great to give people new and fresh ideas to help them reach their goals. So as long as people want my help, I’ll continue to support and motivate them.”