39 years is quite a milestone for any business and Slimtone is no exception! Way back in June 1982 Marie Griffiths opened the first Slimtone class in Pontycymer in the Garw Valley! 39 years later and the Garw class is still going strong alongside numerous others in the Bridgend area as well a significant online membership.

“The key to Slimtone is that it is flexible and fits any lifestyle.” says Marie. “I called it the Slimtone Lifestyle Plan for that very reason – it gives people the freedom to make their own daily choices from an extensive range of varied and enjoyable menus. It’s ordinary, everyday food, that is tasty and family-friendly, and you never feel deprived.”

“Even during this last year, when we’ve all been tested to the limit, it’s still worked. I’m so proud of how many members have stuck with the Plan and maintained their weight or only gained a few pounds, much less than the average reported lockdown weight-gain. Now that we’re back to face-to-face classes – which is fantastic! – those extra pounds are melting away and everyone is back on track!”

Marie has always worked hard to keep the business fresh and up-to-date and spends hours researching the latest trends all over the world. “During lockdown, I continued to gather the latest health tips, new ideas and up-to-the-minute recipes and ideas. I’m so pleased to be back to classes and able to share these ideas.” explains Marie.

“I’ve pulled together lots of those new recipes and ideas into a new book to celebrate this milestone achievement of 39 years of Slimtone.” continues Marie. “Whether you’re looking for something different for breakfast, want to ring the changes at lunchtime or try out a new recipe for your main meal, our Celebrations book can help. There are over 39 recipes and loads of tips and ideas to help you eat healthily and lose weight steadily.”

“One of my favourites is the Sweet Chilli Salmon and Noodles. A tasty and filling meal, packed with goodness, all for just 355 calories! Here’s the recipe –  

Simply mist a non-stick pan with low cal cooking spray and lightly fry a 140g/5oz portion of salmon. When cooked, add 2 tablespoons of light sweet chilli sauce and a little splash of water to the pan. Meanwhile microwave 125g/4½oz egg noodles. Spoon the sauce over the salmon and serve with the noodles and lots of your favourite ‘free’ vegetables.”

“And you don’t miss out on sweet treats either. The Frozen Yogurt Treats are just 15 calories each! All you have to do is divide a yogurt between 6 shot glasses. Pop a cocktail stick into each one and freeze. When you’re ready for your treat, run the glass under a cold tap to release a delicious ice cream delight!”

“I hope you enjoy these recipes and come back for more in the new Slimtone Celebrations book!”

Marie x

The new Slimtone Celebrations book will be available in class and online at the end of June.