So often during this lock down we tend to “pick” and we all know when we are bored, we binge.!!!  Let’s get really positive and achieve our ideal weight simply by changing a letter.

We are going to drop the “T” from can’t and make it CAN – you’ll soon see the difference this can make when you stop making excuses as to why you can’t follow the plan. Make time to use your food diary AND REMEMBER – IF YOU BITE IT, WRITE IT. 

If you lose the “S” in fast food you are left with FAT food. Yes, that takeaway has a lot to answer for – sometimes loaded with over two thousand calories and oozing with saturated fats! 

You CAN ovoid this trap by following one of the low-fat alternatives in your Lifestyle Plan, making extra portions and freezing for a convenient meal in minutes.  

NEED A KICK START.  Follow the low G.I. plan. It has been designed to provide you with a sensible, nutritious diet that has been tailored for all the family. Also, the low G.I. options will provide slow release energy and satisfy your hunger for a longer period of time – especially if you’ve got into the habit of nibbling.   Get back to basics and measure out your portions. I know from years of experience that, together with the water, this has been the key to success for so many members.   

ALWAYS HAVE BREAKFAST.  All the suggestions on your plan are easy to prepare and will keep you satisfied without the extra calories. It has been proven that eating a healthy, balanced breakfast can help with concentration and mood swings and will avoid those “sugar dips” and the inevitable mid-morning “picking”.

ALWAYS HAVE YOUR “5” A DAY.  Take advantage of the ideas for ‘free’ vegetables as listed in your Lifestyle Plan.  Take time to make the soups which you will find great as a starter to a meal or as a snack when you feel like nibbling. It has been proven that a bowl of soup before your meal speeds up your weight loss. If you are working, a great investment is a soup flask which a lot of our members highly recommend. Serving a side salad with a toastie at lunch or with your evening meal is also a good way of having your “5” a day.     

TAKE MORE EXERCISE.  Find an exercise you enjoy. Walking, Zumba, or dancing etc. are all excellent – you can go out for a walk every day and there are lots of online classes to follow, so find one that suits you. Regular exercise not only burns off the calories, it tones the muscles and you’ll soon see those inches melt away.      

GET INTO THE HABIT OF DRINKING THE WATER. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day has so many benefits. So often we reach for the biscuit tin thinking we are hungry when it is our bodies crying out for water. You’ll soon feel far more alert and your whole body will function better when hydrated. Even young children when in school have “brain breaks” when they’re encouraged to drink water – so let’s follow their example. Add sliced lemon, lime, orange, sprigs of mint or grated ginger for added flavour. Using sugar free squash just to colour the water is better than not having this essential part of our plan.

Feeling Tired All The Time?

The following is an example of what you are carrying around every day. Try lifting this amount and I know you are in for a surprise how heavy it can be. Come on, just imagine, by losing only a pound a week you could lose the spare wheel of a car by Christmas!

14 lb        Three 5lb bags of potatoes

2 st          The spare wheel of your car

2 ½ st      The lawnmower

3 st          One crate of milk (why do the milkman’s job as well as your

4 st          I am not suggesting you pick up the TV, but that is what you
                are carrying around in extra weight.

5 st          How would you like to carry an average ten year old
                child around with you all the day – without ever putting
                them down. 

That’s what you are doing.  I wonder why we feel tired……

Marie’s Tips

***Don’t forget to visit us on our Slimtone Facebook group and share your ideas and recipes. 

***When you are feeling “Is it worth it”, take a look at our successful Slimtone members stories – they are certain to inspire you. 

***Keep motivated by introducing a new meal or recipe every week as suggested in our weekly classes.

*** Let’s get back to basics. You don’t want to come back to class after Lockdown with the ‘fridge’ around your waist.

*** Let’s take the first step today to a slim and healthy future. !!!

Marie x