Lucy hated the way she looked and never felt comfortable in what she wore. Now she’s a new person – loves her clothes, feels great, and likes going out!

Lucy has lost an amazing 7 stone and is very proud of herself. Her two teenage children are delighted too and love having a happy, bouncy Mum around.

“Coming to Slimtone has been great.” says Lucy. “Everyone is so friendly, we really have a laugh and share ideas as well as learn from Marie. We all have our good weeks and bad weeks, but stick at it – you’ll be glad you did, it really pays off!”

Lucy says that you have to give yourself time – “You can’t expect to lose lots every week, but keep at it. Stay to the class talk too. Marie always has such interesting talks and tips, and sharing ideas with the other members is useful too. Planning is important as well. I sit down every evening and plan out what I’m going to eat the next day. I take photos of my meals and share it on social media – it’s just straight-forward, “normal” food, that’s tasty too.”

Find out more about the difference Slimtone has made to her lifestyle here.

If Lucy can, you can too!