As all our classes are in the area having the worst of the snow and Winter weather. Thought you would like to have a fab recipe for a low fat Steam Pudding. Simply beat 2 eggs with 56g/2ozs caster sugar until mixture is thick, Add 56g/2ozs s.r. flour. Mist a pint basin with low cal spray and pop in 2 tablespoon low sugar jam. Pour in mixture and cover loosely with cling film piercing before microwaving on high for approx 3 mins. Great for all the family or can be made into individual portions with 1oz flour, sugar and 1 egg. At only 150 calories per portion will make a delicious comfort food on a Winters day. Make up some custard with skimmed milk and sugar free sweetener for an extra treat. Keep safe and warm and look forward to having your new Quick and Easy plan when we get back to our Slimtone class.

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