You can have your cake and eat it with Slimtone members favourite recipe.  Let me know how you enjoy.

PANCAKES (basic recipe)   Makes 8-10 pancakes

Sieve 4oz/112g flour and pinch of salt into bowl, add 1 medium size egg and  gradually beat in ½ pint of skimmed milk until a smooth creamy batter.  Mist non-stick pan with low cal cooking spray, pour in 2-3 tblspns of the batter mixture (enough to cover the base of the pan evenly) cook over a medium heat until golden brown, toss or turn and fry other side.  Keep warm between two plates over a pan of simmering water.  If using a 7” pan this mixture will make 10 pancakes @ 60 cals each.  If using 8-9” pan this mixture will make 8 pancakes @ 75 cals each.  Sprinkle with a teaspoon sugar (20 cals) and lemon juice.

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