Choose the Plan that fits your Lifestyle

You won’t be hungry, you won’t be bored, but you will lose weight.

The Slimtone Lifestyle Plan has been specifically designed to provide balanced healthy eating without leaving you feeling deprived.

It has everything you need for healthy weight loss.

  • Pre-planned weekly menus and over 150 delicious recipes
  • A weekly planner and food diary – the key to success is “when you bite it, write it”
  • A Shopping Guide to help you plan your week
  • A personal progress chart – it’s great to see the inches, as well as weight, melting away.

What Our Members Are Saying

“The Slimtone diet is such an effective diet – and it’s do-able for the long haul. When I joined Slimtone, I was over 20 stone. As the weight started coming off, my health was getting back to normal and I found confidence I never knew I had.”

Laura James

“Slimtone’s flexible eating plan helped me to get organised and fitted in perfectly with my lifestyle. I’m able to think ahead and plan what I’m going to eat. I also find the weekly planner really useful and fill it in every day and track what I eat.”

Erin Wood

“I could eat anything I wanted as long as I stayed within my calorie allowance. And it was so easy. With Slimtone, I tried out new recipes – no long list of ingredients, just straight-forward ingredients, and always so delicious.”

Natasha Jones

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