Slowly the restrictions are lifting and you can now enjoy a BBQ with your friends and family –  and still lose weight during this lockdown. Here are some ideas that are finger-licking good and still healthy eating. These are also great ideas for using with your health grill at any time and not just for BBQs.   


These really bring colour and variety to any meal and are quick to prepare.  Simply use lean meat, chicken breast, prawns etc., skewered together with lots of peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onions, courgettes etc.

Vegetable Kebabs are also tasty and there’s no limit to your imagination. Favourites are button mushrooms, cubed cucumber, cherry tomatoes, peppers, celery, silver skinned pickle onions- but you decide what you fancy! You can be creative with any the dressings and sauces suggested below – they’re almost calorie free.

Fruit Kebabs are also delicious – apples, peaches, nectarines, pineapple or grapes are just some that can be enjoyed – just add aerosol cream or ice cream.  

Tandoori Chicken
Skin and bone a chicken portion. Mix a 15ml tablespoon of plain, low-fat yoghurt with curry powder to taste. Marinate the chicken in the yoghurt mixture for a few hours before cooking. You can either leave the chicken whole or cut into chunks and cook on skewers. The one cal garlic or chilli spray is also popular with our members.   

Delicious marinated in lemon juice, fish is so simple to cook. Just mist a piece of double-layered foil with your one cal spray, place fish on a bed of sliced onions, mushrooms and peppers and make a “parcel” before barbecuing. Use this method for chicken and meat too. Salmon is delicious – it not only looks good but is a really healthy alternative to meat. Try topping with slices of fresh lemon or drizzling with sweet chilli sauce before cooking – I know you will agree it certainly adds a fab flavour.   

Garlic Bread
Splitting a French stick lengthways can make a tasty, low-calorie version of this popular snack. Spread the bread with low fat spread mixed with easy garlic. Wrap in foil and place in a hot oven for five minutes.  This is also a great idea for crispy rolls which can be served with any meal of your choice.

Sausage Pockets
Place 6 low fat sausages on the BBQ and gently brown, turning regularly.  Mix 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 1 small diced onion, 1 tbsp olive oil, lemon juice and 2 tbsp of tomato ketchup in a bowl and towards the end of cooking baste the sausages a few times with the sauce, reserving a small amount for serving. Slice sausages, place in warm pitta bread/wraps with plenty of salad and a spoonful of sauce.  This also makes a tasty filling for baguettes and Panini’s. Serve with Slimtone coleslaw.

Cook by wrapping in foil and baking, or leave in skin and microwave on full power for five minutes. Remove skin when cooked.

Tasty Garlic Mushrooms 
Mist a large square of foil, add sliced mushrooms and a clove of crushed garlic (or use the garlic flavoured one cal) and season lightly before making into a parcel and cooking for about 15 mins.

Jacket potatoes are great with a BBQ. Simply wrap in foil and cook for approx. one hour depending on size. Or for something different, boil new potatoes until tender, drain and toss with crushed garlic and rosemary (both are optional) and pop onto foil that has been misted with one cal.  Fold the parcel tightly and pop onto grill and you will soon be enjoying ‘roasties’ with your meal. 

Make a salad with rocket, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radish, celery etc. and serve with freshly boiled rice, couscous or orzo. Lots of low cal salad dressings are now available but I highly recommend mixing equal portions of fresh orange juice with mint sauce – it’s delicious on salad.

Fruit Salad
Make up a bowl of fruit salad and serve with yoghurt. Bananas cooked in their skins are delicious served with ice cream. I always use the small can of mandarin oranges in its own juice – really tasty with all the other favourites.

Marie’s tip: Take advantage of the low fat sausages, burgers etc.  – they’re all really tasty. For a bit of a difference, several supermarkets are now stocking Beetroot Burgers which are approx 180 cals each.      

Barbecue Sauce
Simmer a can of chopped tomatoes with onions and season with salt, pepper and Worcester sauce as a low calorie sauce. Tomato ketchup, mustard or tomato relish will all liven up your meal. 

Always make your own using carrots, cabbage and onions. Dress with Hellman’s Extra Light Mayonnaise. I enjoy a large portion served with grated half fat cheese or prawns. For an extra taste add a splash of garlic sauce or for a fruity flavour, add pineapple and apple instead of onion. Finely chopped parsley is also tasty. Always add mayo just before serving, as it is low in fat you will find it will go rather watery if left for some time.

Made with extra light mayo and sweet chilli sauce, balsamic vinegar or curry powder, these all add a tasty flavour to all our suggested recipes. 

There are also lots of low calorie dressings for salads and stir fries in the supermarket all which enhance the flavour of the meal.

Congratulations to all our Online Members who are melting away during lockdown!  They are so pleased with their weight loss particularly during this difficult time.

If they can do it, so can you. Click here for details of our online classes.

Marie x