Here we are back in lockdown! Of course, this time, it’s a little different because you CAN still come to class. It’s so lovely to see our Slimtone family. I’m doing everything that I can to make sure our classes are as Covid-safe as we can be and we are in well-regulated venues. You can do your bit too and wear a face mask, bring your own pen and drink, and weigh with your shoes on – but do come to class, there’s a warm welcome waiting for you! Remember, as a Slimtone member you can come to any class that is convenient for you. Check our website for the full list of local classes, times and venues.  

Coming to class will help you avoid those “lockdown lapses” too. You’ve already had your new Back-to-Basics Booster Plan to help you get back to healthy eating and we’re seeing some good, steady weight losses. Use the plan to sort out your menu for the week, get into the routine and keep at it. There’s even an extra meal on this new plan to curb those munchies – whether they hit you mid-morning, in the evening or at some other time during the day, you can manage your way through.

There are some tasty recipes on the new plan too – all fully updated and quick-and-easy to prepare. What’s your favourite? I’d love to hear from you.

As well as new recipes, there are lots of Slimtone favourites in your Lifestyle Plan. The “top of the charts” for many members is Corned Beef Gravy. Here’s how to make it:

Simmer 1 small chopped onion until soft. Add 2 heaped teaspoons of gravy granules and 84g/3oz corned beef cut into cubes. Return to the heat and cook gently for 10 minutes. Serve with 140g/5oz boiled or sweet potato and lots of “free” vegetables. Mmmm!

It’s really easy, very tasty and great value-for-money too. And with the weather starting to change and autumn beginning to take hold, it’s ideal ‘comfort food’!

So no excuses – equipped with your Lifestyle Plan, the new Back-to-Basics-Booster Plan and a bucketful of support from me you, you CAN do it!


Join in our Christmas class promotion – for every pound you lose, you’ll get a bauble on your Slimtone Christmas Wreath. That’s almost a stone by Christmas – imagine how great you’d feel then….see you in class,

Looking forward to seeing you,
Marie x


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