We’re all aware that we have to drink our water every day, but it is important to avoid the following which are loaded with sugar!

Cals Sugar
Oasis Fruit Drink 120 5 ½ tspn
Britvic Drench Blackcurrant & Apple 156 9 tspn
Volvic Touch of Fruit Strawberry (sugar Free/original) 500ml 7/100 0/5 tspn
Robinson’s Squash’d most flavours (per Squirt) 3 neg
Robinson’s Fruit Shoot H2O (Hydro) natural blackcurrant 330ml 6 0
Robinson’s Fruit Shoot Orange Smooth Juice 250ml 123 7 tspn
J2O Orange & Passion Fruit 275ml 132 6 tspn
Tropicana Orange 330ml 141 6 tspn
Ribena Blackcurrant Really Light No Added sugar 250ml 8 0

Be careful! When you make the right choices, you’ll soon see those pounds disappear.