Marie and the BBC crew

Marie, Linda and Julie with the BBC crew

Did you see Slimtone featured on the documentary on BBC last night? (It’s now on BBC iPlayer if you want to have a look!) It was about how people cope with living on a shoestring in the Welsh Valleys – but more importantly it was about people and how communities help each other. Thank you to Linda and Julie, as well as everyone in the Slimtone classes. Thanks too to the BBC crew, especially Liana and Xav – I hope you are as pleased with the result of all your work as we are.

I’ve been involved in promoting healthy eating since the early 1980s. I’ve helped hundreds of men and women change their diet and lose weight, and even more importantly I’ve helped them keep the weight off. Right from the start, Slimtone has been about ordinary people, with ordinary jobs. Many of them have families and, like most of us, are shopping on a budget. I wanted to create an atmosphere that was fun but informative. And as you saw in the programme, that is still what Slimtone is all about.

We have an amazing Slimtone community, whether you come to class or join us online, whether you’re a newcomer or have been a Slimtone member for quite some time. Everyone supports everyone else.

Medical secretary Heather joined us last year and has now lost over 4 stone. Heather says, “It’s great sharing hints and tips with everyone – in class and on Facebook. I’ve made some really good friends and picked up great ideas. We all support and encourage one another.  And, Slimtone teaches you all about nutrition too – for example, I didn’t know about keeping to 30g fat per day, I was eating way more than that even on a “good” day!”

Sammi was our very first online member – she joined Slimtone in 2000 and is a regular contributor to our Facebook group. Sammi says, “I lost over 10 stone and still love the “little me”! Slimtone is a sensible and balanced healthy eating plan based on ‘real’ food. I’ve learned how to prepare tasty food that’s low in calories and fat – all ideas from my Slimtone Lifestyle Plan.”

If you want to lose weight like Heather and Sammi and hundreds of others, come to a Slimtone class or join one of our online plans the Lifestyle Plan has everything you need with recipes and meal plans, hints and tips. And what’s more, it’s personal and fun, and it works!