It can be a real struggle to think of what to have for lunch. Here are some ideas to give your toast an extra tasty bite – as well as lunch they make a day-boosting breakfast or a tasty snack at any time. The calories include a thick slice of granary, wholemeal or seeded bread.  

Garlic mushroom
Approx. 135 cals (with bacon medallions 195 cals)

This is a Slimtone favourite – simply prepare button mushrooms and top with Philly cheese with garlic and pop into the micro. Serve on toast with grilled tomatoes and 2 bacon medallions.  (Alternatively any of the Philly range of cheeses can be used – the new caramelised onion variety would be fab)    

Tuna Topper – Approx. 200 cals

Top one slice of toast with a small can of flaked tuna in spring water or brine mixed with 1 tbsp sweetcorn, 1 tbsp extra light mayo and a few chopped chives.

Ham & Cheese – Approx. 200 cals

Spread toast with 1 tbsp Philly extra light, top with 1 slice ham and a 1 tbsp grated low fat mature cheese. Pop under the grill until bubbly and brown.

Mexican – Approx. 200 cals

Chop 3 pickled chilli peppers and mix with 1 tbsp salsa and 28g/1oz grated low fat mature cheese for a spicy treat.

Banana on Toast – Approx 200 cals

Top toast with mashed banana, sprinkle with cinnamon and pop back under grill for a tasty nutritious snack. This is one of my favourites.

Cherry Tomatoes with Italian Herbs – Approx 200 cals

Top cherry tomatoes with Italian Herbs and pop under the grill or in the micro for a minute. Pop onto toast and enjoy. As this is so low in calories why not have TWO slices!!

Sardines on Toast – Approx 230 cals

One of the most beneficial meals you can have as it provides Vitamin D which is so important for optimum health.  Simply open a can of Sardines in tomato sauce or spring water and top a slice of toast, popping back under grill to warm through. I enjoy with a side salad for a really satisfying meal in minutes.      

Let me know your favourite toast topper – it’s always great to share our ideas.

Marie x