Too embarrassed to join the gym?

Heather lost almost 4 stone and is now a Zumba queen!

Here’s how….

Medical secretary Heather has lost almost 4 stone – she’s enjoying Zumba and has just joined a gym!

“When I hit 50, I completely lost my sparkle. I became very introverted, I stopped going out, my knees hurt, I felt depressed. One day I saw the sign for Slimtone outside the Cricket Club in Tondu. I stopped the car and walked in…on my own, which I thought was very brave. It was the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m very glad I went.

Now I’m on cloud 9. I wonder how on earth I walked around with all that extra weight. I can go to my wardrobe and can wear what I want to wear, not what I’ve got to wear because that’s all that fits!

You don’t go hungry
Slimtone is fab. You can eat anything you want, as long as you follow the plan. I do a lot of soup and have now worked out my own recipes. I love the frozen yogurts which are really filling. I tried the rissoles – maybe they didn’t look the best, but they were really tasty. And I stock up on all the low fat options. My freezer is full of containers with meals all cooked and ready to go. I even measure out my 6oz of cooked boiled rice – it’s great with my “free” roasted vegetable curry and very filling! Planning ahead means I don’t grab the wrong things at the last minute. You don’t go hungry, it’s quick and easy and you can eat what you like.

It’s all about nutrition
One of the best things is staying to class. Marie teaches you all about nutrition – for example, I didn’t know about keeping to 30g fat per day, I was eating way more than that even on a “good” day! It’s also great sharing hints and tips with everyone else – in class and on Facebook. I’ve made some really good friends and picked up great ideas. We all support and encourage one another.

I’ve got my mojo back
I’ve never been a big shopper of clothes, I just like things that are comfy, but now it is so easy to go in and choose anything I fancy. I was thrilled to buy this white shirt in a size 14 – I used to wear the same shirt in a size 22!  I’ve got my confidence and mojo back and I’ve finally joined that gym. I just want to get myself toned up and can’t wait for my daughter’s wedding in a few months’ time.

STOP PRESS: Heather is now helping to launch the new class at Ultimate Physique!

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