Big day coming up?

Natasha lost almost 6 stone for her wedding day!

Here’s how….

Self-employed, mother Natasha lost almost 6 stone in around 18 months with help from Slimtone – and what’s more, she’s kept the weight off for more than 5½ years.

“I’d just had a baby and had put on well over 5 stone. I just had to do something about it, so I joined Slimtone. I thought that counting calories was going to be easier than some of the other options around – after all this way I could eat whatever I wanted.

Slimtone’s support was just what I needed
I was right, too. Having support from Marie and the other Slimtone lecturers was just what I needed. Together we set my target weight and every week I went along to class to see how much closer to it I had got. I was determined to lose the weight, and this was just the motivation I needed. I really looked forward to every Wednesday and stepping on those scales.

Week by week the pounds fell off and when I got to target I was thrilled. I felt so much better, had lots more energy and looked great too.

It fitted my lifestyle perfectly
The Slimtone Lifestyle Plan fitted my lifestyle perfectly. Every week we had recipes and tips from Marie as well as ideas from the other members of the class. Everyone was so supportive. I particularly liked the Slimtone Super Soup – fresh and healthy, with just a few calories, it was easy to make and helped me feel full for longer.

I still keep in touch with Slimtone, mainly now through Facebook, and I’ve kept the weight off thanks to all the healthy alternatives and recipes suggested at class. If you’re determined and really want to lose the weight, I suggest you join Slimtone and get that extra support to help you get to your target. Thank you Marie.”

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