Looking like an Oompa Loompa?

Nigel lost 1½ stone and has redefined his middle!

Here’s how….

“In December 2010 I saw a photo of me holding my god-daughter’s daughter. I looked just like an Oompa Loompa. I thought gosh, I’ve got 6 necks and 6 barrels around my middle. I’ve got to do something about this.

Slimtone’s tried and tested
Mid-January 2011 I went along to my local Slimtone class. Why Slimtone? Well, other slimming clubs have come and gone, but this class had been going for over 25 years. I knew lots of local people who have done so well with Slimtone. I thought it’s tried and tested, it’s worked for them so let’s go and have a look.

In that first class I didn’t set a target weight as I didn’t want anything to put me off. Let’s just see how it goes.

Now I can do up my shoelaces! 
I haven’t looked back. I feel much better. I’m less out-of-breath and I can bend over to do my shoelaces up, instead of putting one foot on the bottom stair.

It’s great having the menus and menu planner. Everything is really accessible – normal things that you have in the cupboard like corned beef and tuna. You don’t have to buy certain brands or things you don’t like.

Easy to adapt the recipes
I don’t like chilli or garlic, so change the recipes to suit my taste. I hate mashed potato – I know, odd isn’t it! – so adapted Shepherd’s Pie using cauliflower cheese! And I love experimenting with desserts, after all you can’t miss out on niceties like that.

I must say you have to get into the habit of planning – it’s all there ready for you in the Slimtone book, so use it. And go to class…regardless. It’s so easy to slip one week and then think there’s no point in going back. I was away for a weekend and still lost 4lbs.

You’re not on your own
It’s so easy to make excuses, but the secret is to keep going and walk in through that door. Get talking to other class members – we learn from each other every week. And the support is just great.

A little group of us pop over to the gym after Slimtone – not sure we would have done that on our own. An hour on the dance mats is such fun and has us all laughing – we’ve even negotiated a reduced rate!

Slimtone is fun, friendly and fantastic – and, oh yes, it works too!

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