Fed up of that too tight waistband?

Susan lost 4 stone, so no more Plus sizes for her!

Here’s how….

Susan, a sewing machinist from Bridgend, lost 4 stone AND stopped smoking – what’s more, she’s kept the weight off and remains a non-smoker.

“It all started when my 14-year old niece was being bullied in school for being big. I couldn’t lose the weight for her, but I could certainly do it with her. I checked with Marie first to make sure it was suitable and safe for a 14-year old and, completely reassured, we both joined Slimtone.

It was Win-Win for us both
The result was that she lost 2 stone and I lost 4 stone. More to the point, we’ve stayed that way, are both a lot fitter and have a much healthier lifestyle. Remember I’m sitting down all day at a sewing machine, I never did any exercise and I always used to drive everywhere. Now it’s so different, I walk all the time. And to be able to go into any shop on the high street, instead of just the ones selling outsize clothes, is just amazing!

Now I’m eating properly
I’ve also learnt how to eat properly – healthy food for life. I never ate fruit and vegetables – they just weren’t on my shopping list. All I had was chocolate, no wonder I was bigger than my husband!

Slimtone was excellent. I quickly discovered what to buy and what to eat. It’s so easy once you know what to do. And because it’s all about eating healthily, everyone in the family benefits. My husband eats the same as me – our favourite is the corned beef flan, it’s delicious.

I still go to class every week and always stay to the end. I really enjoy everyone’s company and Marie has always got something new for us. Slimtone really has changed my life, thank-you.



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