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Slimtone - Weight Loss Pack
Cath, Liz, Cheryl, Anwen and Sara lost a total of 14 stone with Slimtone and found the Lifestyle Plan the key to their success.

Have you been struggling to lose weight, lost a few pounds only to put it back on a few weeks later?

Send for Slimtone's Weight Loss Pack TODAY and stop that yo-yo dieting forever. Marie's way is so easy. It's all about healthy eating and enjoying normal food.

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Example Slimming Plan
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The Slimtone Weight Loss pack includes everything you need to lose weight quickly, safely and permanently.

Here's what you get -
  • Your personal copy of the Slimtone Lifestyle Plan valued at £7.99 (for more information click here)
  • A - Z of calories to help you keep track and plan those special nights out with family and friends valued at £3.00.
  • Personal support from Marie for a full six weeks online, valued at £26.00.
PLUS these fantastic bonuses -
  • Weekly menu planners making it easy for you to control your food not your food control you.
  • A Weekly Shopping list with a comprehensive guide to all Slimtone recommended products.
  • An Inch loss wall chart so you can watch the inches dissappear as well as the pounds.
  • A full twelve pages of helpful hints and tips from Marie, with answers to all your weight-loss questions.
That's a full £36.99 plus additional bonuses, all in one handy pack for just £24.99
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