We lost an amazing 13 stone 11 pounds!

Five ladies with very busy lives have lost almost 14 stone between them. They all agree that losing weight with Slimtone has been easy. Tasty recipes, an easy-to-follow plan and great support in classes both from Marie and the other members.

Civil Servant Nicola, who travels all over South Wales with her job, has lost 6 stone. I was just grabbing food whenever I could, and the weight was piling on. Slimtone has been great – I can eat all sorts of things and never feel hungry.”

Beth, who has lost 2 stone, and Suzanne, who has lost 1 stone 5 pounds, were both delighted that they could have pasta and pizza and still lose weight. “I love it on a Saturday night,” says Beth. “All my family are having pizza and I can too!”

Maria, who has lost 2 stone, says that the key to her success has been planning a menu at the start of the week. She says, “I get all the ingredients when I go shopping and know what we’re eating when, so the week runs smoothly!”

And how does losing weight make them feel? Every one of the ladies says that their confidence has increased, and they feel fitter and healthier. Busy and active grandmother Sue sums it up. “I feel so much fitter now that I’m not carrying all that extra weight around. I can get down on the floor and play around with my grandchildren – and I’m never out-of-breath! And, of course, it’s great that I can go into any shop and just pick something new off the shelf and know that it will fit. That makes me feel really good!”

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