Not too long to go before we find the winners of our Slim for Santa competition in our classes.  Congratulations to everyone for their fab weight losses these trees and all the baubles are looking really festive. I would like to thank Nigel from our Ogmore class for the recipe for this tasty sweet treat   .LEMON MERINGUE LAYER

Beat together a carton of “Liberte” honey yoghurt with 84g/3ozs low fat soft cheese until smooth.  Add grated lemon rind and a small amount of juice.  Pop into two meringue nests and serve.  Approx 140 cals per portion

These yoghurts are a favourite of mine and are also available in Blueberry and Strawberry flavour.  Both would be ideal for this recipe without the lemon flavouring.

Will be letting you know the successful members who are the winners in the competition soon.