It isn’t often that Pancake Day and St David’s Day happen on the same day – I wonder if it means we should be having leek pancakes!!

Traditionally Pancake Day was the day you ate up all the rich food in preparation for Lent. Just because you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t have to miss out on pancakes – they’re great for a sweet or savoury treat at any time.

 Here’s our Slimtone recipe for basic pancakes as well as some ideas to help you enjoy Pancake Day.

Basic Pancake Recipe
makes 8 – 10 pancakes

112g/4oz plain flour                Pinch of salt
I medium egg                          ½ pint skimmed milk         
Low fat cooking spray            Lemon juice

Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl, add the egg and half of the skimmed milk. Beat to a smooth creamy batter. Stir in the rest of the milk. Mist a non-stick pan with the cooking spray and pour in 2 to 3 tablespoons of the batter mixture – enough to cover the base of the pan evenly. Cook over a medium heat until golden brown. Toss or flip the pancake over to cook the other side. Keep warm between two plates over a pan of simmering water. Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar.
If you are using a 7” pan, this mixture will make 10 pancakes at 60 calories each.

If you’re using an 8-9” pan, it will make 8 pancakes at 75 calories each.

How about ringing the changes and trying Fruit Pancakes – approximately 120 calories per pancake. Mix together 28g/1oz Philadelphia Extra Light Cream Cheese with ½ teaspoon icing sugar. Add chopped raspberries, blueberries and strawberries or any frozen fruit of your choice and spoon over the cooked pancake. Yummy!

Or have a go at Chocolate Pancakes by stirring in 14g/½oz cocoa powder to the flour mixture. These are around 85 calories per serving. Or for Spice Pancakes, add 1 teaspoon of mixed spice to the flour for extra flavour – 75 calories per pancake. And for one of my favourites, Zingy Zesty Pancakes, grate in the zest of ½ a lemon or orange for a tasty alternative – 75 calories per pancake.

And if you fancy something savoury try these Hot Chicken Pancakes. Sizzle 56g/2oz ready-cooked chicken, half a chopped red pepper and a pinch of Cajun seasoning with low fat cooking spray. When hot, spoon the mixture over a hot pancake, roll up and enjoy! (and they’re just 162 calories each).

Or for that St David’s Day flavour how about Ham, Leek and Mushroom Pancakes (approx. 150 calories per portion) for a tasty lunch. Chop 2 small leeks and 1 onion and pop into a non-stick pan. Shred 112g/4oz wafer thin ham, slice 112g/4oz mushrooms and add to the pan. Fry for a minute or two. Make up ½ pint Slimtone Cheese Sauce and add to the leek mixture. Stir until thickened. Fill the pancakes with the mixture, roll and place in an oven-proof dish. Sprinkle with 28g/1oz low-fat cheddar cheese and pop in the oven until the cheese melts. Serve with Slimtone coleslaw and salad.

I hope these recipes and ideas show you how flexible our Slimtone Lifestyle Plan is. We’ve seen some great losses since Christmas and Jenny from one of our Bridgend classes has lost 1 stone in the last 4 weeks! Well done, Jenny.

As well as the full Lifestyle Plan, we introduced our brand new Slimtone Choose and Lose Plan at the beginning of the year. It has been so popular that we’ve just had a re-print and are continuing to offer this fab plan to new members who join us during March.

The Choose and Lose Plan is specially designed to allow you to eat well and still lose weight. With three square meals and snacks every day (all nutritionally balanced), you won’t feel hungry, you won’t be bored, but you will lose weight! I’ve taken the guesswork out of counting calories – it’s all done for you. So instead of counting calories you’ll have calories that count to a healthier lifestyle.

So if you want to spring into Spring, come along to class for everything you need for a steady, healthy and permanent weight loss. There’s lots of support, inspiration and motivation and you’ll meet the other members – people just like you – who are now feeling fitter, looking great and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

And if you haven’t been to class for a while, now’s the time to come back, we’d love to see you!

See you soon. In the meantime have a happy St David’s Day – and get flipping!!

Marie x