I know you will all agree now that the weather is getting colder a hot bowl of soup is always welcome.

We have lots of ideas in our Lifestyle plan and I am always so pleased to hear how much everyone enjoys them. The Slimtone soup is a good standby and can be taken to work in a flask or as a handy snack meal in the ‘fridge. Simply pop into saucespan diced carrots, swede, leeks, onions, celery etc simmer until cooked and garnish with parsley. 

The following will show you how versatile this can be and lots of ways that this can be made into a quick and satisfying meal..   It can be eaten freely with your meals, taken to work in a flask and it also makes a tasty snack or starter in the cold weather. Take a look at some other tasty option you can make with a portion of soup.

All are approx 300 calories.
*** A delicious Minestrone Soup can be made quite quickly. Add a can of chopped tomatoes and 6oz/168g small cooked pasta. Season with basil and black pepper and serve with a thick slice of granary bread.
MARIE’S TIP When cooking pasta or rice freeze into 6oz/168g portions. Really convenient to add to soups etc or making a quick convenient meal in a hurry.
*** Chop 2oz/56g corned beef and add to a portion of soup with gravy granules to thicken. Spoon over 8oz/224g cooked jacket potato or add 2oz/56g corned beef, 5oz/140g cooked potatoes to soup and serve with slice of bread.
MARIE’S TIP Divide your can of corned beef into four portions and freeze individually. I find it great for all the selection of corned beef recipes in your Lifestyle Plan.
*** Add 3oz/84g cooked chicken and 6oz/168g cooked rice (approx 2oz/56g dry weight). This makes a tasty filling packed meal.
*** The soup makes a delicious curry. Simply add curry powder and 3oz/84g cooked chicken, simmer until piping hot. Serve with 6oz/168g cooked rice, pasta or 8oz jacket potato
MARIE’S TIP The individual Boil in the Bag Uncle Ben’s rice is great for this recipe and is portion controlled – always check it is the small 62.5g size (approx 200 cals)
***Pulses are an excellent source of protein and a good addition for a low fat satisfying soup. Lentils, split peas, pearl barley etc are approx 81 cals per oz/28g dry weight. I use the soup mix, which is a combination of all the pulses.
***Shop bought croutons are high in fat and calories. Oven bake small cubes of bread on baking sheet to use with your soup and salads. They can be flavoured with any of the Schwartz spices e.g. garlic, tikka etc.
**There is nothing quite as appetising as homemade beef stew. A generous portion is approx 300 cals – NO this does not include doughboys or half a loaf of bread.
***A can of Heinz Beef & Vegetable Big Soup provides an excellent quick and easy meal. Thicken with a teaspoon of cornflour or gravy granules for a delicious beef casserole. Serve with 7oz/196g jacket potato and unlimited free vegetables. Or add a pinch of curry/chilli powder for a quick beef curry or chilli. Serve with 6oz/168g cooked rice or pasta.
*** To make a thick satisfying soup, blend a small portion and return to pan stirring into cooked vegetables. I find a stick blender ideal for soups and can now be bought at any supermarket. Alternatively a potato masher can be used.
 Extra Lite soft cheese makes a delicious creamy taste. Simply stir in before serving. 
MARIE’S TIP A lot of  recipes recommend adding cream or fromage frai to make a cream soup.  I have found that  simply by spooning two tablespoons extra light Philadelphia cream cheese in a dish. Pour over small portion of soup, stir well and drizzle back over the remaining soup. Garnish with parsley for a hot satisfying meal
Thanks to Jan for the following recipe
Butternut Squash & Red Pepper Soup – cals neg
Pop 1 sliced onion, 1 deseeded red pepper, 2 sweet red peppers (although these resemble chillies check they are peppers), 1 cleaned and chopped butternut squash, 2 vegetable stock cubes and seasoning to taste in a large saucepan. Add water. Simmer until all vegetables are cooked, blitz with blender and serve garnished with parsley. To make a creamy soup place a tablespoon of Philadelphia extra light cheese in a dish top with small amount of soup stirring well. Drizzle over remaining soup. Have you any soup recipes you can share with us?

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