Whenever I get this 5lb lump of fat out in class, members are amazed. Just imagine carrying that around all day!

And imagine melting that amount of fat away – wouldn’t you feel so much better, and wouldn’t you look great!

We’re all aware that fat is loaded in calories but as it is hidden in so many of our everyday foods it’s often difficult to detect. I know you’ll be surprised to see the hidden fat in the following. It’s recommended that we don’t have more than 30g fat per day. And small changes will certainly bring BIG results!

Easy Fat Alternatives

In a study when 2 groups were given the same amount of daily calories it was discovered that the group on a low fat plan lost weight far more quickly. So if you are struggling with your weight loss or nearing target weight and want to shift those last few pounds, these tips will help.

  • Instead of oven fish in breadcrumbs or batter go for white fish baked in foil drizzled with lemon juice. I make a sauce by popping a tablespoon of Philly Light in a dish, cook in the microwave for under a minute, and add a splash of skimmed milk. This is a fab sauce and using the salmon, chive or garlic versions are all really tasty.
  • Avoid the takeaway curries at approx 800 cals and 54g fat per portion. The recipes in your Lifestyle Plan or the low fat sauces now available in the supermarkets are a great way of saving calories AND fat. The Mayflower curry sauce at 88 cals for 56g/2oz dry weight makes up the same size portion as a takeaway.
  • Cut off all visible fat from meat etc. and, although tasty, remove skin from chicken after cooking. Always buy low fat mince and drain all fat after dry frying before making up your Slimtone recipes – Bolognese, Shepherd’s pie etc. Quorn or minced chicken or turkey can be used as a substitute for beef in all our recipes
  • Did you know there are approx 150 calories in 28g/1oz pastry?? So resist those cakes, pastries, pies and so on. Jus-Rol have light puff pastry sheets which are 30% less fat and 169 cals for a 50g portion. Their Filo pastry is 110 cals for a 39g portion. 
  • A 224g/8oz potato when baked is approx. 200 cals BUT when made into chips and fried it is 520 cals – Yes, that’s right just 1 chip is 31 calories! Slimtone fried potatoes are a delicious alternative. Simply mist sliced cooked potatoes with low cal cooking spray and “fry” in a non-stick pan. At only 20 cals per 28g/1oz this is a really tasty addition to your meal. And did you know you can now buy garlic flavoured low cal cooking spray! It’s great for onions, mushrooms and fried potatoes.
  • Bacon medallions are an ideal way of having your Slimtone breakfast or bacon buttie. At only 30 cals per rasher it’s a healthy alternative to back bacon.
  • Always go for extra light mayonnaise and you’ll save 110 calories per tablespoon against the original dressing.
  • Sardines are an excellent source of vitamins – but make sure to always go for the canned in tomato sauce or spring water.
  • Onions and mushrooms are a really popular part of our plan and are one of our free vegetables. Be careful though and always “fry” in low cal cooking spray, otherwise just 100g/3½oz of ‘normal’ fried onions will add an amazing 195 cals and fried mushrooms 150 cals to your meal!
  • We are so fortunate to have a great range of alternatives to butter. I find the Seriously Strong Lighter Square cheese really tasty and it’s only 32 calories per portion. Philly Light and Laughing Cow Light are both firm favourites with Slimtone members. The calories in butter always surprise people but I’m confident most of us now use low fat cheeses, mayo, tomato/brown sauce or sweet chilli as a tasty alternative.

Lots of quick and simple ideas to help you start melting that fat away.  

We’re back to class from Monday and there still time to lose (at least) that 5lb by Christmas!

Go on, I know you can do it!
Marie x