We’re all aware that combining your Lifestyle Plan with exercise is the key to success – let’s see how many calories you burn during an exercise class.

EXERCISE CLASSES – one hour sessions. (approx cals burned) Approx. calories burned
** Aerobics, Swimming & Dancing 400 – 500
** Zumba (including Wii) – it all depends on the intensity of the session 500 – 800
** Wii fit 200 – 300

But you know, you don’t have to go to an exercise class, here’s how many calories you burn in an average week with housework!

Calories per hour
Bedmaking – bends and stretches with sheets, not just patting a duvet! 180
Cleaning – Floors, with mop or broom. Windows, lots of bending and stretching, try and use plenty of arm movements. Cleaning the car.  


Climbing Stairs – higher expenditure here because you are moving your body against the force of gravity. For a simple step aerobic exercise, simply step on and off the first stair – this is an excellent calorie burner! 360
Dusting and Ironing is mostly arm movement and does not burn many calories. Polishing takes more energy and burns off 3 calories per minute.  


Gardening – Heavy work, like digging 5 cals. Lighter work, like weeding. 240
Scrubbing Floors – Just look how many this will burn off and look forward to this chore from now on… 240
Shopping  – With light load, 10 lb or under; With a heavy load, over 10 lb 180 / 240
Vacuum Cleaning – Moving furniture as you go will burn off more.

Just tidying around and plumping up cushions etc.



Walking at a moderate pace 287
Car Washing 234
Cleaning windows 180

Amazing isn’t it!

Best of all, why not get out walking or swimming with the children during the school holiday. It is recommended that we should walk 10,000 steps every day. Did you know to burn off a portion of Sweet & Sour Chicken with Special Fried Rice from the takeaway is 27,500 steps! And a Magnum ice cream is 6,500 steps……….so let’s start walking (make sure you walk straight past the chippie and sweet shop, of course).

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