We are all aware of how essential it is that we have the correct portion sizes. A set of measuring jugs are really useful and the following is a convenient guide to some of the favourites in the Lifestyle Plan.

  Half Cup Measure


All bran 1oz / 30g 84
Porridge oats (dry weight) 1½oz / 40g 150
Blueberries 2½oz / 70g 38
Fruit juice 5fl oz / 125ml 63
Pasta (dry weight) 1½oz / 45g 175
Sultana bran 1oz / 25g 80
Wine 5fl oz / 125ml 88
Baked beans 4oz / 115g 84
Frozen peas 2¾oz / 70g 40
(Real) gravy 5fl oz / 125ml 75


  Third Cup Measure


Rice (dry weight) 2oz / 55g 205
Coleslaw (low cal) 3oz / 85g 78
Cottage cheese (low cal) 3½oz / 100g 98
Muesli (no milk) 1oz / 28g 100

***A 25ml medicine measure which is 50 cals per unit is useful for alcohol e.g. brandy, whiskey, gin etc.

***A one cup mug of cooked rice is approx.. 5oz / 144g = approx.. 150 cals

***For convenience, keep your measuring cup in your cereal packet

Have you got any quick measuring tips?