So many made their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and eat healthy, unfortunately for so many these had been broken before the decorations were packed away. What have crept back into your daily diet that could be avoided during Lent. You may be surprised just how much you could lose by Easter simply by avoiding sugar in your tea and coffee (the new sweetener Truvia is really popular with the members and no after taste like some artificial alternatives). Avoid takeaways and make your own fakeaways. The economy jars of curry and sweet and sour sauces in the supermarkets are fab and with cooked chicken, onions, mushrooms etc. make a quick and inexpensive meal. Also, you could see half a stone melting away during the next few weeks. Using low fat cheese spread instead of butter is another tasty way of saving the calories. These are only a few of the ideas we share at Slimtone and making them your aim through Lent would be a great start to losing weight. Let me know how you get on…..

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