The Coronation weekend is nearly here! Let’s hope the weather holds up – particularly for all those camping out on The Mall! Whatever you’ve got planned there’s no more British way to celebrate than with a classic afternoon tea – so here’s some ideas to help you celebrate Slimtone-style!

 Let’s start with a selection of sandwiches and savouries.

Cut the crusts off thin sliced granary bread and cut into delicate fingers. Wraps are also popular and make a great addition to your display! Fill with a selection of these tasty fillings.

  • Spread the bread or wrap with Philadelphia Extra Light cream cheese and fresh herbs – dill or parsley are ideal
  • Smoked salmon with black pepper and a squeeze of lemon
  • Grated cheese and onion
  • Slice a hard-boiled egg and alternate with slices of fresh tomato
  • Coronation Chicken – you can’t have a coronation celebration without Coronation Chicken! The recipe is on page 21 of your Lifestyle Plan, along with other tasty sandwich ideas.

Make up a bowl of mixed or green salad to serve alongside the sandwiches. Slimtone coleslaw (page 41 in the Lifestyle Plan) is a firm favourite and a delicious accompaniment. Ring the changes by making a spicy coleslaw by adding a teaspoon of curry powder or a fruity version by adding halved black and green grapes.

Another great addition to your coronation table savouries is a tasty dip made with Philadelphia Extra Light Cream Cheese drizzled with sweet chilli sauce and served with colourful crudités with vibrant strips of peppers, carrot, cucumber, celery and apple.

No afternoon tea is complete without some cakes and sweet treats – why not try some of these regal ideas!

  • For mini, bite-sized treats use petit four cases for cupcakes and 1” star or crown shaped cutters for Welsh cakes (recipe is on page 61 in the Lifestyle Plan).
  • Make up a sugar-free jelly in shot glasses and top with a raspberry or orange segment for a spectacular jewel-effect treat.
  • Decorate your cake stand with fresh berries, apple slices or cubes of tropical fruit.
  • Full mini meringues with lemon curd or Philadelphia chocolate spread.

Take a look at some of the tasty treats on page 58 and 60 of your Plan. Why not use the Weetabix cake as your centrepiece and make it a Festive Coronation Cake!

Go to town on your table settings too. Give everyone a paper crown, some red, white and blue serviettes and your best china (or paper plates if you’re outside!).

Join me to raise a toast to the King with a sparkling cup of tea – there are some delicious fruit and herb teas available if you fancy a change – or a glass of something bubbly – Slimtone members say the alcohol-free wines and lagers taste really good.

Have a delicious coronation,
Marie x