Do you crave a sweet treat after every meal? Or get that hankering for something sweet in the middle of the afternoon? You’re not alone – I’ve heard from quite a few members that a sweet treat is helping them during lockdown. But what should they have?

Here are some suggestions to stop you grabbing that biscuit or bar of chocolate.

Let’s start off with some ideas that are all less than 200 calories per portion.

  • A portion of sugar free orange jelly, served with canned mandarin oranges and a slice of Arctic Roll is a real treat and will satisfy the sweetest tooth!
  • Something a little different is to have two chocolate Snack a Jacks spread with Chocolate Philly – mmmmm, a nice change!
  • If you enjoy your chocolate, why not have a Skinny Bar or a Kit Kat – and top up the sweetness factor by serving it with a mug of low cal drinking chocolate.
  • We all enjoy the traditional puds once in a while, so try a portion of stewed apple OR a banana served with Ambrosia Low fat Custard or Ice cream.

Slimtone members have shared some of their favourite sweet treats too.

Blueberry surprise
Serves 1 – approx 200 calories

Pop 90g/3oz frozen blueberries or fruits of the forest into the microwave and cook on high for 2 minutes.  Meanwhile, split and toast a small tea cake. Spoon the warmed fruit over the tea cake and top with Light aerosol cream.

Tropical Brulee
Serves 1 – approx 60 calories per serving

Place 112g/4oz of thawed mixed fruit of the forest in a shallow heatproof dish. Spoon over 2 tablespoons of low-fat fromage frais and sprinkle with soft light brown sugar. Place under a very hot grill for a few minutes until the sugar caramelises. Chill before serving.

Mini Tropical Pavlova
Serves 1 – approx 100 calories

Top a meringue nest with 2 tablespoons Light aerosol cream, some chopped mango and/or pineapple chunks. You can use fresh or tinned fruit, both are delicious!

And to prove that you can have your cake and eat it, here’s a quick and easy treat that is ready in minutes

Fat Free Mug Cake
Serves 1 – approx 250 calories

In a small bowl mix 1 small egg and 28g/1oz caster sugar together until thick and creamy. Add 28g/1oz self-raising flour and fold in. Spray a mug with low cal cooking spray and pop in a teaspoon of jam at the bottom. Pour the cake mix into the mug and microwave for 30 seconds – increase to 60 seconds if the cake isn’t quite cooked.

Marie x


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