Have you been complacent during lockdown and stopped keeping an eye on your portions? All those extra calories soon add up to those extra pounds. Lots of members have been telling me that’s what’s happened to them – how about you? The answer… check your portion sizes and don’t let that stop you losing weight. If your weight loss has hit a standstill, then guesstimating may be one of the main problems!  

The total above is 2071 calories – maybe this is the reason your weight is staying the same!!!
You could burn off those extra calories – SIMPLY skip or walk briskly for approximately 3 hours.

Don’t forget the Slimtone Motto –

When checking your food diary, have you forgotten theses?

  • 4 chips (hot or cold!)                                          124 cals
  • Jumbo Sausage Roll/one cold sausage           419 cals/150cals
  • 6 chocolates                                                        300 cals
  • Handful of peanuts                                            155 cals
  • 6 crisps                                                                   65 cals
  • Chocolate digestive                                              90 cals
  • Slice of Apple Tart or Pasty                              500 cals
  • Three scoops Ice Cream/Magnum                 360 cals/290cals

 ***And remember, when preparing pasta, rice etc. 56g/2oz is dry weight which when cooked is approx. 168g/6oz.

Make your kitchen scales your friend and get back to your eagle-eyed glory,
Marie x