We’re all aware that combining your Lifestyle Plan with exercise is the key to success. Even in these unprecedented times, you can still make the most of the online exercise classes, DVDs, your daily walk or even your household chores. They all add up during the day.
Let’s see just how many calories you can burn off….

We all know we should walk 10,000 steps per day. Did you know to burn off a portion of Sweet & Sour Chicken with special fried rice from the takeaway is 27,500 steps?? And a Magnum 6,500 steps so let’s start walking……..(walking straight past the chippie and sweet shop, of course!)

*** Don’t forget the best exercise of all for weight loss is to sit comfortably in a high back chair feet on the floor and hands clasped in front of you.  Simply turn head slowly to the right and then back to the centre and then to the left.  Now repeat a further three times and when asked if you fancy a takeaway, chocolate, crisps, biscuits or any of your favourite goodies simply practice your exercise and tell everyone NO!!!!!!***

Marie x