This week we’re going to take a look at how that daily cuppa can affect your weight loss.

First of all, do you know why caffeine affects weight loss? Well, it’s because high doses of caffeine can result in low blood sugar levels and this causes you to crave sugar-loaded products which in turn can sabotage your weight loss campaign.

Do you have a problem sleeping? Too much caffeine during the day may result in difficulty in getting to sleep at night. It can also increase the number of times you wake up during the night.  This is especially true if like a lot of people you leave for work or school with an empty stomach and your only breakfast is a cup of coffee.

Here are some other facts about caffeine:

  • It can cause muscular fatigue, palpitations, premenstrual tension, heartburn and panic attacks.
  • Caffeine opens the blood vessels to the brain, which can trigger a headache or migraine.
  • It also over stimulates the nervous system causing blood pressure to rise and increases the production of stomach acid.
  • Breastfeeding mothers with a very high intake of caffeine may find that the cause of their baby being irritable and sleepless is that mum is having too many cuppas!
  • Cola drinks have proven to be one of the causes of hyperactive children. Look out for caffeine-free and sugar-free colas – they’re available in most supermarkets.
  • Caffeine is present in many prescription and non-prescription drugs including those taken for headaches, pain relief, colds, asthma, and fluid retention. The content varies from 7mg to 200mg per tablet.
  • It has recently been proven that excess caffeine prevents the absorption of calcium therefore risking osteoporosis (brittle bones).

The maximum daily caffeine allowance is 200-400mg. Anything above 750mg a day is considered very high.

Percolated Coffee 160mg per 8oz mug
Instant Coffee 95mg per 8oz mug
Cappuccino 250mg per large mug
Instant Decaffeinated Coffee 5mg per 8oz mug
TEA –   Black/Green/Decaffeinated 40 – 95mg/ 25-45mg – 4mg  per 8oz mug
Cocoa/Hot Chocolate 5mg per 8oz mug
Lucozade 46mg per 13 fluid oz
Red Bull & most energy drinks 80 mg per can
Chocolate Bar 20-80mg per 100g
Medication (approx.) 7-200mg per tablet
Pro Plus (2 tablets) 100mg
Slim Fast Chocolate 20mg per 12oz
Cola Drink 40-65mg per 330ml can
Coca Cola Zero 34.5mg per 355ml can

Giving up the Caffeine the easy way!

Wean Yourself Off – Make a record of your caffeine intake over one week. Start making weaker tea and coffee and slowly introduce caffeine-free cola, tea and coffee. You could start by reducing your intake by one or two cups of coffee or tea each day, for a few days. Once you get used to this level, cut down by another cup and so on. Why not try mixing half a jar of your favourite brand with half a jar of de-caffeinated? You’ll soon discover that this is just as enjoyable.

Eat For Energy – Eating foods that are high in protein and low in fat, means you’ll need less caffeine to perk yourself up. Foods such as fish and chicken keep the brain energised and alert, so you’ll feel more awake and lively. Also, taking advantage of the low G.I. menus in your Slimtone plan will help balance sugar levels.

Herbal Teas – you may like to try one of the many brands of herbal tea that are now available. These are a perfect pick-me-up and possess a host of soothing and non-addictive qualities. I particularly enjoy the fruit flavoured varieties.


Caffeine really can sabotage your weight loss. See what you can do to cut down and let me know how you get on.