I can’t wait until we can get back to class – and it certainly seems to be getting closer and closer. Of course, I’ll let you know as soon as I have a confirmed date!! In the meantime, quite a few members have told me that some of their “old favourites” are creeping back in! So often it seems to be fats – things like butter as well as those “hidden” fats – so this week I’m giving you some great tips to help out.

You know, in a study when two groups of people were given the same amount of daily calories, it was discovered that the group on a low fat plan lost weight far more quickly. So if you only have a few pounds to lose but they seem to be super glued on or if you’ve slipped into some of those old habits, the following ideas will help.

1. Instead of oven fish in breadcrumbs or batter, go for white fish baked in foil, drizzled with lemon juice and made into a parcel with tomatoes, spring onions etc. I make a sauce with Philly Light by popping a tablespoon in a dish, then in microwaving it for just under a minute, add a splash of skimmed milk – I find it delicious served with fish. Try the salmon, chive or garlic varieties – they’re all tasty.

2. Avoid takeaway curries at approx 800 cals and 54g fat per portion!
The recipes in your Lifestyle Plan, as well as the low-fat sauces and the Mayflower curry are a great way of saving calories.

3. Cut off all visible fat from meat etc. and, although tasty, remove skin from chicken after cooking. Always dry fry or roast your low-fat mince draining all fat before making up the Slimtone recipes – Bolognese, Shepherd’s pie etc.

4. Did you know there are 157 calories in 28g/1oz pastry!!! So, limit those cakes, pastries, pies etc.

5. A 224g/8oz potato when baked is approx 200 calories. But when made into chips and fried, it’s 520 calories – YES 1 chip is 31 calories! Why not try swede or Butternut Squash chips instead. They’re tasty and calorie free. I enjoy the Slimtone cooked breakfast as a main meal with 140g/5oz of “fried” potatoes misted with any of the flavoured one cal cooking sprays. Mmmm.

6. Bacon medallions are an ideal way of having your Slimtone breakfast or bacon buttie. At only 33 calories per rasher it is a healthy alternative to back bacon.

7. Always use the Extra Light mayonnaise and you will save 110 calories per tablespoon. Heinz salad cream is available in 50% or 70% less fat and is fab.

8. Sardines are an excellent source of vitamins. Always go for the canned in tomato sauce or spring water – served on a slice of toast, this makes a tasty and healthy snack meal.

9. Onions and mushrooms are a really popular part of our plan and are one of our ‘free’ vegetables. Be careful how you cook them – just 100g/3½oz fried onions will add an amazing 195 calories and fried mushrooms will add 150 calories.

10. Make the most of the tasty spreads recommended on our talk together with the leaflet from the Heart Foundation. You’ll have all the information needed not only for health but to melt away those inches!!!

DID YOU KNOW that using just 15ml of cooking oil every day for a year would be a total of 49,275 calories and 14lb of body fat!!!! A great alternative is your 1 cal spray.    

Go on, try out these ideas and find out how much you cut down on fats this week!
Marie x


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