It’s Christmas! Maybe not quite the Christmas we were all hoping for, but I’m sure you’ll make the best of it knowing that we’re keeping ourselves and our families safe.

It’s tempting over Christmas to lose focus, but that would mean letting all that you’ve achieved go to waste (or maybe that should be waist!). Our new Slimtone Back-to-Basics Booster Plan includes an extra meal to help you curb those munchies – whether it’s mid-morning, around teatime or in the evening. Here are some ideas for treats at Christmas – all are just 250 calories and will help you stick with your Plan and still enjoy your festive favourites.  

  • 1 wholemeal thin filled with 28g/1oz grated medium fat cheese and wafer thin ham popped onto the health grill until warmed through. Served with a portion of any Slimtone soup. (If you don’t have a George Forman Grill, drop some reminders to the family as this is my great friend in the kitchen, together with my Morphy Richards Soup Maker which is fab!)
  • Two toasted crumpets spread with lemon curd, reduced sugar jam, 2 teaspoons Philly Chocolate Spread or a Seriously Strong Square Cheese.
  • Spread one bread wrap, two thins or two slices of granary bread with cranberry sauce and fill with 56g/2oz sliced turkey, pork or chicken. Also tasty with lots of stir fry vegetables. Stir fry in minutes: pop vegetables into Zip ‘n’ Steam bag, season with soy sauce, ginger or Chinese 5 spice etc. and pop into the microwave for 4 minutes – magic!
  • One wholemeal roll filled with one slice of turkey or chicken and 56g/2oz oven chips or packet of crisps and crispy lettuce.
  • 56g/2oz chunk of French bread, 28g/1oz brie cheese, 56g/2oz grapes and a glass of wine or Pink Gin and Tonic (ONE PUB MEASURE!!!)
  • 140ml/5 fl oz glass of wine or 280ml/½ pint lager, beer or cider or 2 pub measures of spirits with diet mixer – plus one small packet of low fat crisps.
  • 1 pub measure/50ml Baileys and one packet of low fat crisps.
  • 42g/1½oz roasted or salted pistachio nuts or 50g bag of mixed peanuts and raisins.
  • 6 Quality Street, Roses or Heroes chocolates OR a 4-finger Kit Kat OR 4 chocolate covered Brazil nuts.
  • 1 Chocolate Snack-a-Jack OR a Muller Lite yogurt OR One Choc Ice.
  • Fruit salad with a difference – slice your favourite fruit (pineapples, apples, pears, etc.) and place on the George Foreman grill until cooked, serve with yogurt or ice cream.
  • 1 fruit scone with 2 level teaspoons of low sugar jam and squirty cream.
  • Small banana, mango, 1 tangerine and 100g/3½oz grapes.
  • Fill a meringue with lemon curd topped with mandarin orange segments OR a tablespoon of Philly chocolate spread topped with blueberries, raspberries etc. Decorate with a sprig of mint and you’ll have a fab dessert.

Enjoy! Stay safe and have a fabulous Christmas!

Marie x