I know we’re all living in “funny times” and it isn’t easy. But, as the vaccine rolls out and the sun starts to shine, things are definitely looking up. You know, your attitude counts for an awful lot. Let’s look at how you can change your focus and get really positive about your weight loss.

First of all, we’re going to drop the “T” from can’t and make it CAN. Start by getting out the Food Diary and Weight Loss Chart, and find yourself a fancy glass for your water.

Give yourself a kick start and get back to basics. Follow the new Back to Basics Booster (you can download it here – scroll down the page and fill in the form) or the low G.I. Plan in your Slimtone Lifestyle Book. Don’t forget to measure out your portions – I know from years of experience that this, together with drinking plenty of water, is the key to success for so many members.

And ALWAYS start the day with breakfast. You’ll find this will help you avoid those “sugar dips” and the inevitable mid-morning “picking”!

Healthy eating means enjoying your “5-a-day”. Take a little time to make some soup – it really doesn’t take long at all and it’s great as a starter to a meal or as a snack when you feel like nibbling. And why not make yourself a vibrant side salad to have alongside your lunchtime toastie or to go with your evening meal – another ideal way of having your “5-a-day”.

Feeling tired all the time?

Just look at these examples of what you’re carrying around every day. We forget all about that extra weight when it is actually on us, but imagine lifting any of these and carrying it around ALL DAY!

14 lb is around three 5lb bags of potatoes
2 stone is the spare wheel in your car
2½ stone is…the lawnmower
3 stone is one full crate of milk (why do the milkman’s job as well as your own?)
4 stone is about the weight of your TV
5 stone is the weight of an average ten year old child.

Imagine carrying any one of these around with you all day – without putting them down even once! But that’s what you are doing, so no wonder why you’re feeling tired!!

But by just losing one pound a week, you’ll start to feel so much better. And by the time we’re all out and about again, you’ll have stopped carrying some of that extra weight and be feeling so much better!

Start your healthy eating plan today and take that first step to get rid of those extra pounds.

Keep positive and if you start to wonder “is it worth it?”, take a look at our Slimtone success stories – they are certain to inspire you.

Keep smiling,
Marie x