At Slimtone, you won’t be hungry, you won’t be bored, but you will lose weight. There are over 150 delicious recipes in the Lifestyle Plan with something to suit every taste. And there’s even more….by making a few simple “tweaks” to your favourite recipes you can enjoy lots of new and tasty ideas adding variety into your menus.

Shepherd’s Pie (Page 33 of Lifestyle Plan)
One of the all-time favourite recipes – I find adding a small portion of mixed frozen peas and sweetcorn to the pie before topping with sweet potato and sprinkling parmesan cheese over the top during the last five minutes of cooking gives a really different flavour. 

Salmon Fish Cakes (Page 51 of Lifestyle Plan)
This is another really popular recipe. Simply add finely diced and cooked spring onions, a few frozen peas and lightly steamed broccoli cut into very small florets to enjoy a really chunky fish cake – and add to your “5-a-day”!!!  Serve with sweet potato wedges for a really healthy meal.

Scrambled Egg On Toast
For a tasty variation to this popular breakfast add a Laughing Cow cheese triangle (the blue cheese flavour is recommended) and a few chilli flakes before cooking. Serve with a thick slice of granary bread toasted for a great start to the day. 

Cheesy Jacket Potato
We have lots of great ideas for Jacket Potato toppings in the Lifestyle Plan (see Page 19) but this is one of my favourites and a great way of having your “5-a-day”. Microwave a 224g/8oz jacket potato for 8 minutes on full and fill with roasted vegetables. Top with 28g/1oz grated medium fat cheddar cheese or crumbled feta cheese and pop under the grill until melted. Serve with a large mixed salad and warm beetroot slices.

These are some of my ideas and I’d love to hear yours. Share them on our Slimtone Facebook group page where you’ll find lots of motivating tips.  

As its St Patricks Day today, why not try the Chilli Cheese Chicken recipe (page 32 in the Lifestyle Plan) with Colcannon. My idea for making this tasty way of serving potatoes is to simply add chopped cabbage and spring onions during the last ten minutes of boiling. I find the ready-prepared bags of cabbage and leeks that you can get in the supermarket are really convenient. This is a great idea for serving with any Slimtone meal and I really enjoy it “fried” with low fat sausages, Brains faggots or, of course, fish fingers!!!!!    

Have a go at giving some of your favourite recipes a “magic makeover”,

Top of the mornin’ to you,
Marie x


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