I am so pleased to bring you this excellent news –
Slimtone classes are re-starting from Monday 17 May!

Click here for a full list of all the classes, times and venues.
(Please note, we are following the guidelines issued by each venue and these vary for each venue.)

You are VERY welcome to join any of the classes convenient for you – I’d love to see you.

So, it’s Slimtone ‘almost-as-usual’!

Here’s what you can expect when you come to class:

  • There’s a very warm welcome to everyone – I can’t wait to see our Slimtone family again AND I’m looking forward to welcoming new faces too.
  • I’ve designed a brand new, fully updated plan to help get you back on track and ease you into a healthier lifestyle. This is available to every member when they come back to class.
  • I’ve also listened to you and have designed a new format Daily Menu Planner and Food Diary that you can download and fill in on-screen. And if you prefer to fill it in by hand, there’ll still be paper copies available as usual to pick up in class.
  • There’s a NEW membership card for every member – you can forget those lockdown bulges, we’ll all start a new weight loss programme from here.
  • I’ll also ask every member, current and new, to complete a Membership Questionnaire. This means Slimtone will have all your up-to-date details and can comply with the Welsh Government’s Track and Trace contact tracing, if the need arises.
  • Every week there’s a weekly talk with recipes, tips and ideas to make it as easy as possible for you to see those pounds melt away.
  • And, of course, every member has personal support, encouragement and motivation from me, as well as the other members in your class.

And a few changes too!

Of course, in these unusual times, there are also a few changes to the way we do things to keep us all safe and so that you can feel as confident and comfortable as you can. We’ll be following the guidance from the Welsh Government, I’ve completed the COVID-19 business course and I’ve talked in detail to every venue about their specific requirements.
Here’s what you can expect:

  • All classes are socially distanced with up to 30 people (venues vary) and a one-way system to move around the room. You’ll be asked to keep the right social distance and we ask you to bear with us if you have to queue for a short time.
  • There are enhanced hygiene measures and we’ll have ‘sneeze screens’ at meet and greet, weigh-in and the weekly talk, as well as hand sanitiser and wipes being available throughout the session. Please do bring your own personal hand sanitiser and wipes to keep your hands clean.
    By the way, the toilets will be open in the venues, but we must all observe social distancing when using these facilities!
  • We’ll ask you to keep your shoes on when you weigh (maybe you’d like to wear the same shoes every week) AND please bring a pen to fill in your own Membership Card.
  • For the moment, please bring your own drink (in a flask, bottle or can) until we can safely open kitchen facilities in the venues.
  • I’ve rounded up the cost of class so that it is £5 weekly fee (£4 weekly fee for concessions and £3 for target weight members) – this way we can manage the amount of change we all have to handle. The total for your first week is still £7 for new members and this includes your personal copy of the Slimtone Lifestyle Plan.
  • And, if you’re not feeling well, please follow the government’s guidance to stay at home. Let me know (by text or Facebook message) so I can keep supporting you until you can come back to class.

Please be aware that things may change from time to time as government guidance changes – I’ll make sure you know what is happening and will keep you as safe as possible.

I hope this helps you understand how things will work in class – as I’ve said, it’s Slimtone ‘almost-as-usual’!
One thing is certain, I am very excited to see you, you’ll have a very warm welcome and I’ll do everything I can to help you get back on track and lose those extra pounds!

Looking forward to seeing you,
Marie x