A New Year and a new start for Slimtone classes! All classes are restarting this week with a brand new plan to give you a renewed focus and help you jump start 2022 for a healthier lifestyle.

Our brand new Slimtone Choose and Lose Plan is ideal to give you that boost to lose those extra pounds. Imagine how great you’d feel if that waistband wasn’t quite so snug. Imagine being able to run for the bus or play with the children without getting out-of-breath. Imagine really enjoying your food and feeling fitter and healthier. Come along to class and we’ll set you on the right track.

The Choose and Lose Plan is specially designed to allow you to eat well and still lose weight. I’ve taken the guesswork out of counting calories – it’s all done for you. So instead of counting calories you’ll have calories that count to a healthier lifestyle.

With three square meals and snacks every day (all nutritionally balanced), you won’t feel hungry, you won’t be bored, but you will lose weight! The new plan gives you lots of ideas and choices for each meal so that you can choose the options that tickle your taste buds and that fit in with your lifestyle. There are tasty new recipes too to give you plenty of variety – and, as they say, variety is the spice of life!

So what are you waiting for? Come along to class (click here for all class details) for everything you need for a steady, healthy and permanent weight loss. There’s lots of support, inspiration and motivation and you’ll meet the other members – people just like you – who are now feeling fitter, looking great and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

And if you haven’t been to class for a while, now’s the time to come back, we’d love to see you!

Of course, we’re still in unusual times and we’ll be doing everything we can to keep us all safe so that you can feel as confident and comfortable as you can. We’ll be following the Government recommendations for implementing Covid safety procedures – in all classes we’ll be socially distanced and there’ll be enhanced hygiene measures. We ask you all to wear a mask (unless you’re exempt) while attending class and in addition we will continue to wear shoes when weighing in… and please don’t come to class if you’re not feeling well.

The new Slimtone Choose and Lose Plan is only available in January, so don’t miss out and come along this week. I look forward to seeing you!

Marie x