Isn’t it great news that the shops are now open! Things are slowly, slowly getting back to ‘normal’. I’m keeping an eye on all the announcements and will be in touch as soon as I know when we can be getting together again – not long now!

Now that you can get out-and-about and enjoy that long awaited time with the family, I’m sure you’ll want to make sure you are a winner and not a sinner!! So this week I’ve put together a quick chart for you to make sure you make the right choices for those shopping trip treats.

I hope this helps you choose the low calorie, healthier options when you’re out. Alongside that, many of our Slimtone members tell me that the secret to their success is being organised. So here are a couple of recipes that are easy to prepare and are family-friendly too.

Beef Ragout
Serves 1 – approx. 300 cals

112g/4oz lean stewing beef                  1 Oxo cube
1 tsp cornflour with 1 tbsp water         ½ pint boiling water
½ tsp mixed herbs
½ cup of the following: Diced carrots, diced swede, chopped celery & chopped leeks or onions

Dissolve the Oxo cube in water and pour into a pan. Add the beef, salt, pepper and mixed herbs. Bring to the boil and then simmer gently for 1 hour with lid on tightly. Make sure you check that the water doesn’t boil dry. Add the vegetables and continue cooking gently until vegetables are cooked to your liking, again keeping the lid on tightly.  Stir in the cornflour paste and simmer for 1 minute until the ragout has thickened. Serve with 140g/5oz mashed potatoes.

This is an ideal recipe for the slow cooker – then you can enjoy a meal in minutes. Simply increase portion sizes and all the family will have a convenient and tasty meal.  

Beef & Bean Pie
Serves 1 – approx. 300 cals

112g/4oz extra lean minced beef            1 chopped onion
84g/3oz mashed swede                            112g/4oz baked beans
84g/3oz mashed potatoes                        3 tsp Oxo granules (dissolved in ½ pint water)
Salt and pepper                                               

Brown the mince in a non-stick pan, drain off all fat, add onions and season. Add the baked beans and simmer for 1 minute. Spoon into a small serving dish and top with the potatoes and swede. Place under the grill to brown. Serve with free vegetables.

Enjoy your shopping! 
Marie x


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