Your wedding day is very special and doesn’t Natasha look amazing! Congratulations to you and Ian from everyone at Slimtone.

Natasha is a regular at the Slimtone Ogmore class every Monday. She first came along when she moved into her own house. Now that she was buying all her own food and cooking for herself and her family, the pounds crept on. Right from the start, she loved Slimtone and was delighted that, as long as she stuck to the plan, she could eat whatever she wanted. She even tried out all the new recipes – so much easier than the complicated recipes from the Celebrity Chefs at the time. The result was that she lost 1½ stone and was looking fabulous.

Natasha in 2011 – still at target after 10 years!

Losing the weight was great, but Natasha continued to call in to class and maintained her size 10 figure. Read her Success Story here – this was 10 years on from having lost that initial 1½ stone!

“I love coming to class and Marie is right when she says that, even after getting to target, you should still come along.” says Natasha. “I’ve kept pretty much to target over all those years, but realised I had put on a few extra pounds that I wanted to get rid of. I was getting married soon, so wanted to look my very best! So Slimtone to the rescue – I focused on what I was eating and those pounds soon came off.”

And doesn’t she look fabulous! Natasha got married to Ian on Saturday and we wish them a long, happy and healthy future   together