Dear Santa,

I’ve tried very hard this year to be good and have been thinking about what I would like for Christmas. It would be great if any of these were under my Christmas tree, they would help me to achieve my target weight.

  1. George Foreman Health Grill
  2. Slow cooker
  3. Hand held electric mixer
  4. Gym membership or a Wii Fit
  5. Plastic containers for freezing leftovers
  6. Air fryer
  7. Zip’n’Steam bags
  8. Ceramic non-stick frying pan
  9. Kitchen Scales
  10. Soup Maker
  11. Vegetable peeler
  12. Visit to Champneys Spa with Slimtone

I’m very excited about your visit and will leave some special Slimtone snacks out for you and your reindeer.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,
From a Slimtone member