Is that really you, Mum?

Lucy lost over 7 stone and feels so proud of herself! Here’s how….

Pharmacy Assistant and Mum to two teenagers, Lucy has lost over 7 stone and now feels really good about herself.

 “The day I saw a photo of me at my son’s prom, I thought OMG, is that really me! I hated how I looked and always felt uncomfortable in my clothes, but looking at those photos was the final push that I needed.”

I kept thinking ‘I can do this on my own’, but I’d lose a couple of pounds and then put it all back on. I needed help, so I joined Slimtone. And this time it just clicked. I loved the Lifestyle Plan and the meals were straight-forward, easy and family-friendly.

First-week set-back
It didn’t start out well, though. I followed everything to the letter that first week, but when I weighed, I could have cried. I’d only lost ¾lb! I was gutted….but when I got home, I decided I’d give it a month and see how things worked out. Goodness me, I am SO glad I did. I’ve now lost over 7 stone and even this week, in my birthday week when I’ve had lots of treats and been away overnight, I’ve lost weight!

Coming to class is great. Everyone is so friendly, we really have a laugh and share ideas as well as learn from Marie. They all took me under their wing and have been so encouraging. Some people just pop in, weigh and then go. I’d recommend that you stay and chat to each other – after all, it’s only an hour a week and that’s not much to spend on yourself, is it. You’ll also find out that everyone’s like you, all with their ups and downs, but so friendly.

Slow Cooker Favourites
We share ideas and I’ve been posting what I eat on social media which everyone loves. I particularly like the chicken and mushroom curry and I’ve been using my slow-cooker so much more. Beef casserole, lasagne, curry, chilli – they’re all so easy to pop in the slow-cooker before work, then when you get in, just do some rice or a jacket potato and the meal is ready. All the family eat the same, even my daughter, who’s very fussy, says the curry is great!

“Yep, you look OK!”
I now love the way I look and feel in my clothes. I also love shopping (which is a bit of a surprise), I feel more confident and I love to go out. I look in the mirror now and think, yep, you look OK. Just the other day I was bending over getting something out of the freezer and my daughter came rushing in. She suddenly stopped short and said, “Oh, it’s you! I didn’t think it was you!” I’m not sure who else she thought would be rummaging in our freezer, but it was lovely to realise that I look so different.

Give it a go
So, if you’re fed up of how you look; if all your clothes feel tight and uncomfortable; if you’re miserable and just out of sorts, give it a go and come along to Slimtone. You can’t expect to lose lots every week, but keep at it – give it a month and you’ll be glad you did. Stay to the class talk after you’ve weighed, have a chat and laugh with everyone. Marie always has such interesting talks and tips, and sharing ideas with the other members is useful too. Planning is important as well. I sit down every evening and plan out what I’m going to eat the next day. I take photos of my meals and share it on social media – as you can see, it’s just straight-forward, “normal” food, that’s tasty too.

Oh yes, and if you come along to the Bettws class, say hello to me – I have to keep coming as I make the tea!  

Lucy goes to the Bettws class which meets at Bettws Community Club on Wednesday 9.30 to 10.30am. For a full list of all Slimtone classes, click here click here

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