Are those extra pounds dragging you down?

Siobhan lost just over 1 stone and is bursting with energy!

Here’s how….

Siobhan lost just over 1 stone and is enjoying her super fit lifestyle.

“I first came to Slimtone when I was 15 and lost quite a bit of weight. I stayed at target for 3 years, then I went travelling and started to put the weight back on. I spent 4 months in America, first at a summer camp as a swimming teacher and lifeguard and then travelling around the country. It was great, but I was over a stone heavier when I came back.

I was planning another long break last summer – I was going to Sri Lanka to do voluntary work teaching English and working in orphanages. I knew I needed to get fit to really get the most out of my time there, so back to Slimtone again.

I’m vegetarian and Slimtone suits me so well
I’m a vegetarian but I love my food. Slimtone suits me so well. I know if I don’t come to class I’ll just eat whatever comes to hand. I’m also in university part-time, so I have to get organised and take my food with me – salads, pasta, sandwiches – all easy to prepare and filling and tasty too. I know that I can have whatever I want to eat, but I must count it. My friends come to class too and Marie has been brilliant. We’ve even used Slimtone recipes for our Dine with Me dinners!

I also do lots of exercise. I love running and swimming and it’s great to have lost that extra stone and feel fit and healthy again. Sri Lanka was great…who knows where I’ll go next!

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