Lost the real you?

Tracey lost 2½ stone and found her own identity!

Here’s how….

Full-time Mum Tracey lost 2½ stone in 9 months and is back to being the Tracey again.

“I’ve been a full-time Mum since my children, now 8 and 6, were born. I love being a Mum, but I’d slipped completely into “Mummy-mode” and had lost my own identity. I suddenly realised I‘m not just Mum, I’m Tracey! And when I weighed myself at a friend’s house, I decided I’d better come along to Slimtone.

Dieting is not about starving yourself
I chose Slimtone because I wanted to make sure I ate properly. I didn’t want the children to think that dieting was all about starving yourself – that’s what I had done when I was in my twenties. I lost a lot of weight but I wasn’t eating – I’d starve all day and then have an enormous dinner. This was going to be different.

Slimtone is all about “proper” food and eating regularly throughout the day. You’re just never hungry. I love my dinners and thought I’d have to change them for salads, but I haven’t. One of my favourites is the Slimtone corned beef gravy – it’s like having a big hug! And the chicken curry means you don’t miss out on curry night. Best of all is the fact that we can all eat together and I know the whole family is eating healthily.

Everyone is so supportive
It’s great coming to class, everyone is so supportive. I feel really good about myself now – I’m Tracey, I’ve got my identity back. I can go into shops and buy whatever I want instead of thinking I can’t get that because it’ll show my flabby arms. I even put on an old pair of shorts the other day and had to turn the waistband over twice before they’d stay up!

Slimtone is great. It really does work – try it yourself and get back to being the real you.

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