Here we are again with another Lockdown but at least we know that this will be for two weeks and not the months that we had previously.

Just to let you know all our Slimtone classes will be closed from Monday 26th October and will re-open on Monday 9th November.

Take action now!

I have heard so many say that they’ll wait now until January before starting back to class – but there’s still seven weeks to lose weight for Christmas! (Or to put extra weight on, if you don’t take action now!) So many people in our classes have already seen a stone melting away since they returned at the end of August. You can too!

Start planning

I know it is difficult without the support at the classes but don’t forget healthy eating starts in the supermarket – what you buy, you will eat … especially with the restrictions of lockdown and the dark evenings when the clocks go back this weekend. I suggest you get your Lifestyle Plan out and plan your meals. There are lots of tasty recipes and the soup recipes are fab at this time of the year. Armed with your shopping list, your trip to the supermarket will be so much easier (quicker and safer too!). And if you are ordering online, that list really is useful.

 I’m always here to help

This isn’t a holiday, so don’t go mad! It is just for two weeks and I’m always here to support you. We’ll be posting new articles on the blog and on Facebook. And you are welcome to email or message me on Facebook at any time.

It’ll be great to see you back in class soon. Until then, stay safe and well,

Marie x