So pleased everyone liked our new ideas and menu plan which we launched in the classes last week. It has been designed with lots of recipes for keeping warm during the colder weather. Also, the low G.I suggestions will keep you satisfied for so much longer than all the snacks which contain so much hidden sugars. Apologies for no blog last week our computer was attacked by lightening and thanks to Ty from Bridgend web design who did all the necessary repairs we are back to “normal”.
** Everyone in class agrees that the free soups in our plan make such a big difference before a meal. It has been proven that it help lose weight as we are more satisfied and prevents all the “picking” that can happen later in the day. I find making a toastie for lunch from the new plan or any of the suggestion on page 21 of your Lifestyle book really satisfying. Especially with a portion of the carrot and coriander or red pepper and butternut squash soup both of which are negligible in calories. Another good idea is when making the leek and potato soup is to use sweet potato it makes a fab flavour and as it’s low G.I. so as we all now will provide slow release energy which is great in the Winter. Keep at the plan only 5 weeks to go ????