What a great class we had on Tuesday in Maesteg. It was a good turn-out in spite of the miserable weather and everyone is doing so well with some really good weight losses.

    Maureen made us all giggle when she told us “I’m thrilled! I haven’t been 8 stone 13 lbs for years!” It was lovely to welcome Eirlys back after her operation. She has lost a total of 6½ stone….and is our “Laughing Cow Queen”!! No butter for Eirlys, she always uses Laughing Cow…in toasties, in scrambled eggs, in mashed potatoes. She particularly likes the blue cheese variety. This generated a lot of conversation and plenty of ideas – remember you can have 8 Laughing Cow triangles for 1 oz butter!

    Sheila gained a silver star this week – she’s waiting for an op and is really sticking to the Lifestyle Plan. Well done, Sheila, it’s definitely paying off. Our two new ladies were pleased to have both lost a couple of pounds. And everyone congratulated Pam who has lost 4 stone since last July! She’s looking great and says she feels so much better too. Be inspired by Pam and all our success stories here.

    Pam is a brilliant example of how losing just one pound a week means you can lose 4 stone in a year! A steady weight loss is the way to do it, so if you’ve been dragging your feet, why not get back to it now – you can lose ½ stone before the children go back to school!

    Everything is done for you in the Slimtone Lifestyle Plan. Simply follow one of the weekly menus for a healthy balanced diet – why not try the G.I. menu plan to give you a kick start. All the meals are carefully worked out so that the nutrition is right and you get the right mix of protein, fats, carbs and so on. It also means that you’re full for longer and don’t get those cravings and hunger pangs during the day – so no more grabbing a cup of tea and a handful of biscuits!

    There are lots of tasty recipes too and plenty of variety. You don’t have to be a great cook and there are no fancy or expensive foods, it’s all straight-forward, family-friendly meals with food you’ve got in the cupboard. It’s also all about flavour – adding a few herbs and spices makes a real difference. As Tony said, “I can’t eat cardboard!”

    It really did perk me up to share everyone’s success. There was lots of laughter, masses of encouragement and loads of tips and ideas. If you want to lose weight, stop dithering and come along to one of our classes, you’ll be glad you did. There are classes all over the area, check out what’s most convenient for you here or choose one of our online packages here. (By the way, we’re still meeting in Maesteg Masonic Hall – the hall is NOT closing, so come along on Tuesday morning or Thursday evening, if that suits you best.)

    I look forward to meeting you soon and helping you to look fab, feel great and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

    Marie x