You’ve had a delicious Christmas lunch and enjoyed those turkey sandwiches, but now you’re wondering what to do with the turkey that’s left in the fridge! Here are some tasty and filling recipes to turn those leftovers into lovely tasty treats!

Cream of Turkey Soup
Serves 4 – approx 100 cals per portion

Chop a selection of winter vegetables i.e. carrots, swede, onions, leeks, parsnip and celery. Place in a large suacepan, make stock with two vegetable stock cubes and simmer gently until cooked. Add approx 224g/8oz chopped cooked turkey and when serving add a tablespoon of Philadelphia extra light cream cheese. Stir well and garnish with parsley.

Chicken/Turkey Pot Pie
Serves 5 – approx 350 cals per portion

Mist a pan with low cal cooking spray and fry 400g/14oz cubed chicken/turkey until browned. Add 1 chopped onion, 1 finely diced leek, 1 teaspoon dried sage, 1 teaspoon dried thyme, salt and pepper and fry until the onion is softened. Place in a casserole dish with 4 chopped par-boiled carrots, broccoli, 1 tin Campbell’s Condensed mushroom soup and a quarter glass of white wine. Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes in a medium hot oven. Top with 840g/2 lb mashed potato with Philly light cream cheese and pop back into the oven for 15 minutes. Enjoy with lots of free veg!

Turkey Stir Fry
Serves 4 – approx 400 cals per portion

Mist a non-stick pan or wok with low cal cooking spray. Stir fry 2 large finely chopped garlic cloves (optional) and a large sliced red onion for 2 minutes. Add carrots, broccoli, chopped peppers and a can of water chestnuts and cook for a further 2 minutes. Mix together 2 tablespoons light soy sauce, 1 tablespoon sherry, 1 teaspoon sweet chilli sauce and 1 teaspoon clear honey and drizzle over the vegetables. Add cooked chopped turkey and sliced spring onions and continue to stir fry until thoroughly cooked and piping hot. Serve with approx 168g/6oz cooked rice or noodles (56g/2oz dry weight).

Marie’s Tip: For convenience, the ready prepared or frozen stir fry vegetables can be used for this recipe. Also try one of the large selection of sauces now available in the supermarkets.

Victoria’s Tasty Turkey
Approx 50 cals per 28g/1oz

Mist a non-stick pan with low cal cooking spray. Shred the dark meat of the turkey and pop into the pan, seasoning with Chines 5 spice and cook until warmed through. Drizzle over a tablespoon runny honey turning up the heat and cook for approx 2 minutes until really crispy.

This is really tasty served in a Christmas buffet or fab as a snack meal in a bread wrap.

***Pomegranate seeds are highly recommended in this recipe – they can be bought in most supermarkets. Simply add at the same time as the honey.

Mmmm, these are delicious ways to use up that leftover turkey and turn it into a tasty treat. Have you got a favourite leftovers recipe – I’d love to hear about it.

Marie x